January 2024 – Updated as Warranted

August 1, 2019
John Waldman

February 2018 – August 2019

“High points include papers published in Nature Sustainability (on new ideas on energy issues and hydro-dams to benefit fish) and Science Advances (a broad look at drivers and avenues for remediation of diadromous fish declines). Also, op-eds in The New York Times, including in May 2019 “The Wrong Mine for the Wrong Place” with Paul Greenberg, Mark Kurlansky, and Carl Safina on the environmentally egregious Pebble Mine in Alaska, and two in 2022; one on the societal importance of historical ecology, and another on the benefits of the Clean Water Act of 1972 to the ecological renaissance of New York Harbor. Additionally, I gave keynote, plenary, or endowed presentations at Roger Williams University, the University of Maine, Lehman College, Shippensburg University, and the American Fisheries Society (New York Chapter). Finally, I enjoyed being part of a panel discussion at the Hudson River Museum titled “The Hudson River as Life Force” held in conjunction with the exhibition by Maya Lin: A River is a Drawing.”