Checking Seine Net at Jamaica Bay Bioblitz, 2007

Ike Wirgin Retreiving Dead Lamprey from Delaware River for DNA Analysis

Stock Identification & Population Genetics of Fishes

To me, stock identification is a fascinating crossroads among the evolution, ecology, and management of fishes.  I have collaborated with Isaac Wirgin of NYU’s Langone Medical Center since we met in the CUNY doctoral program, coauthoring nearly 50 papers on the stock identification, population genetics, and conservation biology of (mostly) Atlantic anadromous fishes.  Currently, I am assisting Wirgin and other colleagues with analyses of American shad, striped bass, Atlantic sturgeon, summer flounder, monkfish, and even a fish eating mammal–the mink.  (In photo Wirgin is gingerly lifting a decayed sea lamprey from the Delaware River to obtain tissue for DNA analysis).